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Carpet Cleaning Throughout the Holiday Season

Nov 21, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal

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Carpet Cleaning Throughout the Holiday Season

With the holiday season approaching, there’s a need to ready your home for guests, events, and the presence of children and pets. Striking a balance between a clean, welcoming environment and the possibility of post-cleaning accidents complicates the decision of when to schedule deep carpet cleaning during this busy time.

The dilemma involves wanting a fresh living space for the holidays while avoiding the risk of accidents on a recently cleaned carpet. B&T Chem-Dry recognizes this challenge and provides a breakdown of pros and cons to aid homeowners in making decisions that align with their preferences and peace of mind amid the holiday rush.

Before the Holidays

Opting for professional carpet cleaning before the holiday season ensures a fresh and inviting home for guests. Whether anticipating children or pets crawling on carpets and upholstery or aiming to eliminate musty odors, a pre-holiday cleaning provides peace of mind. However, drawbacks include the likelihood of spills during cooking and festive activities, as well as increased wear due to higher traffic, potentially shortening the carpet’s post-cleaning cleanliness.

After the Holidays

Scheduling deep carpet cleaning after the holidays allows for the removal of accumulated dirt, mud, and stains, providing a clean start to the new year. Yet, anxiety about the home’s appearance and smell, especially if it’s been a while since the last cleaning, may affect the willingness to host events. Concerns about children being exposed to dirt and grime on carpets may also arise. If stress about holiday cleanliness is a concern, scheduling a cleaning beforehand is worth considering, with the option to schedule another appointment if needed.

Determining the Best Time

The ideal time for deep carpet cleaning depends on priorities and the recency of the last cleaning. If a pristine carpet at the holiday season’s start is crucial, scheduling before the holidays may be best, even with the risk of post-cleaning mishaps. Conversely, if dealing with post-party cleanup is a greater concern, waiting until after the holidays may be more suitable. Consider the timing of the previous professional cleaning as a guide – within the last 3-6 months leans towards post-holiday, while more than 6 months ago suggests pre-holiday cleaning.

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