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How to Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

Apr 28, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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Your home can benefit from the comfort and durability that carpeting provides, but it demands frequent cleaning, particularly in high traffic sections. Failure to adequately maintain these areas can result in uneven and worn out patches, necessitating early replacement. A thorough deep cleaning of your carpets can help safeguard your investment by revitalizing high traffic areas, creating a more uniform look, and prolonging their lifespan. To keep your carpets looking their finest and ensuring they last longer, it is recommended to consider deep carpet cleaning.

Understanding the High Traffic Areas in Your Home

The particular regions of your carpet that necessitate additional care and attention in high traffic areas depend on the usage patterns in your home, as well as the presence of children and pets. These areas may display indications of wear, such as dark stains, gray pathways, flattened or matted fibers, or differences in color and texture between the walls and the middle of the area. To avoid permanent unevenness, it may be necessary to undertake deep carpet cleaning if these signs are noticed. High traffic areas in a home typically include hallways, stairwells, areas in front of couches and beds, in front of closet doors, and locations where children and pets often play.

How Deep Carpet Cleaning Refreshes High Traffic Areas

You don’t have to tolerate unsightly and worn out high traffic areas of carpeting in your home. A comprehensive deep carpet cleaning can greatly enhance the appearance of these sections by removing the accumulated dirt and grime from the fibers. Furthermore, this cleaning procedure helps prevent soil from causing excessive friction that can harm delicate carpet fibers.

Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process is an effective solution for rejuvenating overused carpets. This process uses minimal amounts of water, enabling your carpets to dry within a few hours rather than several days. Additionally, instead of harsh soaps, the process utilizes carbonation and a detergent-free cleaning solution, which eliminates concerns about residue attracting more dirt. By employing HCE, Chem-Dry can restore the appearance and texture of your carpets.

To achieve the best results, it is advised that high traffic areas of your carpet be deep cleaned at least once or twice a year. Additionally, in the interim between deep cleanings, it is recommended that you vacuum regularly to eliminate surface dirt and preserve a consistent texture.

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